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About AED Courses

Automated External Defibrillators deliver therapeutic electricity to restart a heart that has stopped beating properly. These courses teach the lay rescuer to safely use AEDs in a variety of situations.

Please note that our courses are significantly different than other providers. Our AED Provider course is 8 hours, for the same money that others charge for a 4 hour course.

In addition, we provide far more practice with the machines. In the courses of our leading competitors, students practice 1 to 3 scenarios with the Defibrillation Trainer. In our courses, we guarantee at least 6 scenarios each. Instead of bringing one or two machines, we have special equipment that allows us to simulate up to 20 rescues at once. Our costs are in line with our competitor's courses, despite being significantly longer and more practical.

AED Provider:

Prerequisite: Current CPR C

8 Hours Cost: $88.79


  • Review CPR C theory
  • Review Adult CPR, Rescue Breathing and Choking
  • AED Theory
  • What is AED and how does it work?
  • AED Safe Operation and Troubleshooting
  • One and Two Rescuer AED Scenarios
  • Unusual or problem scenarios
  • Site Specific AED Plan
  • Review Pediatric Theory
  • Pediatric CPR, Rescue Breathing and Choking
  • Pediatric AED
  • Recertifies CPR C

Professional Rescuer AED:

Prerequisite: Current Professional Rescuer CPR or equivalent

Length: 8 Hours Cost: $120.00


  • AED Provider
  • Practice with:
  • Oxygen delivery and complications
  • BVMs for all age groups, one and two rescuer
  • Oral/Nasal Airways
  • Suction
  • Recertifies Professional Rescuer CPR

Medtronic AEDs:

We are not distributors of AEDs. Instead, we work with Medtronic of Canada to sell CR Plus and Lifepak 500 AEDs. Medtronic is the world leader in AED development, and both machines have won competitions for ease of use. Medtronic AEDs are available with pediatric pads, and use reliable, lithium ion batteries that have a shelf-life of 5 years or more.

If you purchase AED training from ARC, we will help you get set up with Medtronic with whichever AED is best for you. We will train your staff and monitor your program. We even provide you with medical direction!

By working directly with the manufacturer, ARC ensures you get the best, most current information, and access to first rate customer support.

Purchase Costs incl. GST
Please contact us for pricing. By offering more than a range of AEDs, we have a product for every need and budget.

We will make sure you get value for your money. This means:

     1. Quality in line with the industry's best
     2. Always competitive prices
     3. Top instructors
     4. Top materials
     5. Realistic programs designed by paramedics
Courses that emphasize practical
Fun courses, never boring!




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