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Aquatic Rescue Training

About Aquatic Rescue
Aquatic First Responder
Bronze Star, Medallion and Cross
National Lifeguard Service
ARC Lifeguard School

About Aquatic Rescue:

Our instructors have trained hundreds of lifeguards, many of whom are now senior staff with the City of Toronto, Ontario Place, the YMCA and other municipalities and agencies. Our instructors have served on committees with the Life Saving Society that helped set training policy throughout Ontario.

All lifeguarding courses follow Life Saving Society standards, and use Life Saving Society texts such as the Canadian Lifesaving Manual and Alert: Aquatic Supervision in Action.

While ARC does not maintain a permanent aquatic facility, we will arrange pool or waterfront time as needed for aquatic courses, or will provide instruction alone to organizations with their own facility. We offer the following courses on aquatic rescue:

Aquatic First Responder:

This course is a 16-hour program in aquatic rescue for those possessing First Responder or higher level training. This course is designed to bring aquatic rescue fundamentals to EMS and Fire workers who currently lack that training.

Bronze Star, Medallion and Cross:

Open to any strong swimmer with Standard First Aid/ CPR C. These courses run approximately 22 hours long each, and prepare the rescuer for the aquatic environment. Possessors of Bronze Cross can be employed as lifeguards.

National Lifeguard Service:

Approximately 40 hours long. This course prepares the candidate for work as a professional lifeguard across Canada and the British Commonwealth. Those wishing to work in the United States can be cross-certified, as Life Saving Society standards exceed basic lifeguarding requirements in the United States.May be offered in pool, waterfront, waterpark or surf options.

ARC Lifeguard School:

ARC Lifeguard school is designed to prepare the candidate with no aquatic rescue background to become a professional lifeguard, qualified to work across Canada and the British Commonwealth.It takes 160 hours to complete, and is normally set up to run over 4 concurrent weeks.

The ARC Lifeguard School is open to anyone with the following qualifications:

  • Standard First Aid and CPR C
  • 16 Years of Age or older
  • Strong swimmer in good physical condition

The ARC Lifeguard School consists of the following units:

Bronze Star, Medallion, Cross
NLS Core
NLS Module 1 (e.g. Pool Option)
NLS Module 2 (e.g. Waterfront Option)
First Responder


Pricing on aquatic courses varies, depending on the course length, materials and facility costs. Please contact us for more information. Please note that we will provide discounts for corporate clients such as municipalities.

Please note that we also provide NLS Lifeguards for special events; for more information, see Event Medics.

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