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EMS First Aid
ARC is an authorized provider of the EMS First Aid program. EMS First Aid is a training division of Canada’s largest EMS service. EMS First Aid is recognized by the Workers’ Safety & Insurance Board.

CPR, First Aid Training

We offer several WSIB approved First Aid programs, such as EMS First Aid and the Life Saving Society. First aid training is ideal for anyone wanting to know how to handle emergencies, whether they occur at home, at work or in a public space ...

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First Responder Training

Our First Responder courses, recognized across North America, have two target audiences. The first is the lay rescuer who would like to know more than they earned in a Standard First Aid course, while the second is the EMS of professional rescue student, such as police, fire or EMS...

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AED Provider Training

Automated External Defibrillators deliver therapeutic electricity to restart a heart that has stopped beating properly. These courses teach the lay rescuer to safely use AEDs in a variety of situations...

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Aquatic Rescue Training

Our instructors have trained hundreds of lifeguards, many of whom are now senior staff with the City of Toronto, Ontario Place, the YMCA and other municipalities and agencies. Our instructors have served on committees with the Life Saving Society that helped set training policy throughout Ontario...

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Business Clients

Offering WSIB-approved training, ARC has been a leader in emergency training for businesses for more than 10 years. Some of our past and present clients include school boards, car dealerships, security companies, health care centers, advertising agencies and others. We will customize our course for you, and will train at your site or at ours …

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