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First Responder Training

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Emergency First Responder (EFR)
Industrial First Responder (IFR)
Emergency Medical Responder (EMR)
Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)
The ARC Advantage

These courses start where Standard First Aid and AED Provider courses leave off. They are open to anyone with a current Standard First Aid and CPR Level C.

Our First Responder courses, recognized across North America, have two target audiences. The first is the lay rescuer who would like to know more than they earned in a Standard First Aid course. Teachers, outdoor education instructors, ECE workers, ski patrollers and lifeguards are only some of the professionals who benefit from these courses. Businesses setting up Workplace Emergency Response Teams (WERTs) are another ideal candidate for this training.

The second group who would benefit from First Responder training are those considering a career in professional rescue or EMS. First responder courses prepare the candidate for a career in medical response, whether in police, fire, EMS or ranger services.

Many services, such as Toronto Fire or Police Services, are extremely competitive when they hire new officers. Most of the time, solid marks are not enough; the prospective applicant needs skills - and has to build a resume -- in order to stand out from the crowd of applicants. At least 50% of urban fire service responses are to medical calls, and police deal with many medical emergencies as well. Some police services have placed AEDs in the trunks of their police cars!

Having professional rescue training will help the prospective candidate to shine. Taught by paramedics and adult education experts, these courses are perfectly suited to the real world of EMS and rescue.

For those interested in a career as an Ontario Paramedic, they will need to spend two years in a recognized Paramedic program such as Centennial or Humber College. These competitive programs often take only 1 out of 15 qualified applicants or fewer! Becoming a trained first responder is a great way to show your prospective college commitment and understanding of your prospective field.

While many Canadian training agencies train first responders in 24-40 hours, ARC knows that professional rescue skills take time to build. To facilitate this, we offer longer and more in-depth courses than our competitors. ARC First Responder courses run 40 to 240 hours in length. All First Responder courses come with a full colour textbook and workbooks and 4 CDs filled with valuable EMS information. The latest DVDs and audiovisual presentations will help the learner maximize their experience.

All first responder courses include units covering:

  • Ontario government and US DOT approved assessment protocols
  • AED, CPR, BVM, and oral airways
  • Oxygen delivery and complications
  • Hand-powered suction
  • Use of cervical collars and spinal boards
  • Introduction to special populations such as pediatric, geriatric or obstetric
  • Practical scenarios and basic casualty simulation

Texts include one of the following:

Pediatric Education for the Pre-hospital Professional Emergency Care and Transportation of the Sick and Injured


We offer 4 First Responder courses:

Event MedicsEmergency First Responder (EFR)

Designed for Workplace Emergency Response Teams or lay rescuers. The most basic first responder course.

Length: 40 Hours Cost: $550

Included materials/ Equipment :
  • First Responder Bag
  • CPR Mask
  • Shears, penlight, blankets
  • Stethoscope

Industrial First Responder (IFR)

Designed for industrial workers and those with less time and equipment, the IFR course introduces professional assessment and management of critical emergencies, where time is of the essence and help and/or equipment is scarce.

Length: 24 hours Cost: $395

Included Materials/ Equipment :
  • 500 Pages IFR Text
  • IFR patch

Emergency Medical Responder (EMR):

EMR is the first level of medic set out by the Paramedic Association of Canada (PAC) and meeting all its standards and guidelines. Our course is 4 weeks long, including EFR, as compared to 80 hours of our competitors. Videos, discussions, skills and scenarios daily. EFR is a prerequisite, but can be taken consecutively. Add $300 for EFR, if taken as part of EMR. Industrial versions available to corporations. For those preparing for a career in fire or police services. Covers emergencies and assessments in more depth. More time spent in rescues. Equipment such as KEDs, Sager traction splints and other specialized rescue equipment.

Length: 160 Hours Cost: $1400.00

Included Materials/ Equipment :
  • Stethoscope
  • Text book, workbook
  • Breath sounds CD-ROM
  • BLS Patient Care Standards for Ontario
  • Student pack, including ambulance act, radio manual, etc.

Emergency Medical Technician (EMT):

This 40 hour course helps the EMR who wants to work in the US to pass their National Registry for EMT-B’s in the state of Your choice. EMR is mandatory first.

Length: 40 Hours Cost: $300

Prerequisite: Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) $1400

What Set's ARC's First Responder and Emergency Care courses apart from the rest?
  1. Emphasis on assessments:
    We perform assessment drills in each day of the course. By the end of our programs, candidates have an unmatched degree of comfort with full assessments.

  2. Simplicity:
    We don't try to cover everything. What we cover, we cover thoroughly and coherently.

  3. What's the Rush?
    We offer longer course lengths to make sure you are comfortable with the course material, rather than rushing you through the course and out the door.

  4. Practicality:
    We spend 20% of class time on assessments, and 50% of our time on practical exercises. We spend time each day on assessment and rescue drills. Low student to teacher ratios help you to get direct feedback.

  5. Challenging:
    You will not be bored! Our first responder courses are open to anyone with First Aid and CPR, but our experienced and relaxed instructors will make ensure you are challenged, no matter what your level of experience.

  6. Innovative:
    We are the first company in Ontario to offer Pediatric First Responder courses. We offer the latest training aids. And we will customize our program to meet the needs of specialized clients.

  7. Up to Date:
    Our staff is constantly participating in Continuing Medical Education and continuing education as educators. The information we learn is worked into our courses so that you benefit quickly from the latest first aid, first response and EMS information!
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